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Art nouveau tarot minature

This deck contains 78 cards and instruction sheet. New styles and images are added to those, which w...
149 kr

Klimt Tarot (mini)

Now available as a gold-foil mini deck, the Golden Tarot of Klimt explores love, death, sensuality, ...
149 kr

Mermaids - mini tarot

Where the ocean laps the earth, there live the mermaids. Homer sang of the beauty of these Spirits, ...
149 kr

Mini Tarot - Celtic

Fomori, Tuatha dé Danann, Ulaid, Fianna... these are the names of the main descendants of heroes tal...
149 kr

Mini Tarot - Egyptian

Painted in tempera on papyrus these cards were partially inspired by the tarot created by the famous...
149 kr

Mini Tarot - Fairy

Distant relatives of the gnomes, the fairies are very joyful beings who play naughty jokes at times....
149 kr

Mini Tarot - Harmonious

The equilibrium of destiny always assumes changing forms that, to a distracted eye, involved in dail...
149 kr

Mini Tarot - Manga

This tarot deck shows a universe of connections and references, constructed around the fantastic epi...
149 kr

Mini Tarot - Marseille

Divination using tools such as oracle Cards, help to bring higher guidance and advice into our lives...
149 kr

Mini Tarot - Universal

Now this tarot deck is available in a new miniature size. Roberto de Angelis reproposes the icons of...
149 kr

Secret tarot mini tarot

As infinite as time, as deep as the sea, and as mysterious as fate, each Arcana possesses a living s...
149 kr

Shining Angels Tarot (round tarot)

These lovely images appear on round cards, reminding us that angels surround us in a circle of love ...
179 kr

Tarot of the Elves

The Tarot of the Elves is the deck that elves themselves would consult! This deck contains 22 Major ...
179 kr

Tiny Universal Waite Tarot

The Universal Waite Tarot is based upon drawings of Pamela Colman Smith, recolored by Mary Hanson-Ro...
89 kr