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"the faeries oracle: working with the faeries to find insight, wisdom, and

Using the enchanted art of Brian Froud as your guide, enter into the wise and wonderful world of the faeries.The Faeries' Oraclecalls on sylphs, pans, gnomes -- and, of course, faeries -- to lead you on a delightful journey of adventure, discovery, and enlightenment that will illuminate the future and heal the heart and soul.
219 kr 189 kr

Beyond The Illusions Oracle Cards : 44 Cards with Guidebook

We have all experienced different situations in life. Either with other people or ourselves, emotionally, physically or spiritually. We have encountered various problems that we have needed to process in the emotional plane to move forward in our lives.
239 kr

Bird Messages

We have always been fascinated by birds, watching them and trying to attract them into our gardens. Each of the 52 exquisitely illustrated cards in this unique boxed set includes a message from these amazing creatures that speaks to our heart and shows us the way forward.
169 kr

Crystal Deva Cards: The Mineral Kingdom's Messages...New Mil

The Crystal Deva Cards contain new information channeled from the Crystal Devas, Guardians of the Mineral Kingdom.
329 kr

Fairy Tale Fortune Cards

A unique collection of cards for interpretation and inspiration, using enchanting fairy tales Fairy Tale Fortune Cards, based on the LeNormand fortune-telling cards, make a unique link between the card symbols and their appearance in fairy tales.
169 kr

Feathered Omens: Messenger Birds From The Spirit World (40-Card Deck & Guidebook)

Boxed set of book and 40 full-color omen cards. Feathered Omens is a book and card divination kit. This contains 40 omen cards with full-color images of birds with their meaning and significance. The book describes how to use the cards for insight, divination and answers to everyday situations and questions.
259 kr

Fin de Siècle Kipper Set

Ciro Marchetti has situated the traditional German fortune telling deck at the turn of the 19th century in Victorian England. In this expanded gilt deck with three additional cards, rich images tell the stories of the workers as well as the wealthy during the Industrial Revolution.
219 kr

Goddess Oracle (Book & 52-Card Deck) (New Edition)

Through a dynamic combination of poetry, mythology, and ritual, this insightful oracle answers your questions and offers guidance for handling the challenges facing you.
319 kr

Lakota Sweat Lodge Cards: Spiritual Teachings Of The Sioux (

A collaboration between a Lakota Sioux medicine man and a talented graphics designer, this book and beautifully illustrated deck access the powerful imagery of the sacred Inipi, the Lakota sweat ...
299 kr

Liquid Crystal Oracle Deck [77 cards, 292 pg guidebook]

A POWERFUL LIFE-CHANGING CRYSTAL HEALING SYSTEM FEATURING 77 STUNNING CARDS & 292 PAGE GUIDEBOOK, Liquid Crystal Oracle is an ever-unfolding and enlightening adventure through the Crystalline world.
299 kr

Little Yogi Cards & Book Set

Yoga strengthens us in many ways and gives us the gift of inner peace, clarity, harmony and relaxation. These lovingly created playing and exercise cards inspire children and adults to try and open themselves to the physical and spiritual effect of yoga.
239 kr

Magical Dimensions Oracle Cards and Activators

Awaken your intuition and receive guidance and wisdom from the Angelic, Elemental and Faerie, and Galactic realms. As you connect with high-frequency dimensions of light, sacred color, and radiance from these 44 highly accurate and magically infused activation and oracle cards, they will expand with energies unlike any other deck you’ve experienced.
399 kr

Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals

Discover the powerful divination system based on ancient Native America teachings and traditions. This revised and expanded edition of Medicine Cards is an attractively boxed set including an illustrated book and a beautifully rendered deck of 52 animal cards. Each card portrays an animal with a dream catcher.
319 kr

Meditation Healing Book and Card Pack

Learn to relax and achieve inner peace through the quiet philosophy and practice of meditation. This book helps to combat stress and conflict with the help of healing mantras beautifully designed on the accompanying set of 36 cards.
119 kr

Mermaid Tarot

The mer-folk are teachers and guides, born in a watery world of magical mythology and powerful energy. This elegantly illustrated deck invites you to receive the lessons and blessings of the mystical realm, offering the insights you need to move forward through the challenges and barriers that we all must face.
299 kr

Nature's Whispers Oracle

Nature is continually enticing us to spend time in her embrace, through the calling of birds, the babbling of brooks and streams, the fragrant smell of the flowers and the whispers of the trees as the wind blows through their branches.
249 kr 229 kr

Osho Zen Tarot (79 kort & bok, norsk utgave)

Osho Zen Tarot fokuserer på å oppnå en forståelse av her og nå. Systemet er basert på visdommen i Zen, som sier at hendelser i den ytre verden reflekterer våre egne tanker og følelser, selv om vi ikke alltid selv forstår disse. Teksten i den medfølgende boken hjelper deg til å tolke og forstå det enkle og jordnære Zen-budskapet i bildene.
289 kr 279 kr

Pagan Lenormand Oracle

The images of the Lenormand are recreated to reflect pagan symbols, values and beliefs while retaining the clarity of the original oracle. Each card maintains its ability to predict mundane events while also being open to broader metaphysical possibilities. This deck, like pagans themselves, walks between two worlds, one where we live our everyday lives and one that is much older and more magical.
199 kr

Read His Hands, Know His Heart (Book & 52-Card Deck)

This intriguing new spin on relationship books features a unique format: an illustrated trade paperback packaged with Marion Gales Love Deck, a card collection that allows users to diagnose their hands and read about the corresponding personality traits.
119 kr

Reincarnation Cards: Awakening Far Memory (61 Cards & Hardcover Book)

A boxed set containing a hard cover book and 61 full-colour cards depicting diverse historical periods, occupations, cultures and manner of termination, all designed to provoke "far memories" of both past and future incarnations.
319 kr 299 kr

Rumi Oracle

Rumi speaks a sacred language that we understand with our hearts rather than our minds.
249 kr 239 kr

Rune Oracle Book and Cards Pack

This attractively packaged kit contains a 96 page booklet providing a comprehensive introduction to the history and technique of reading runes, along with an on-the-go reference 36 card deck. The cards include handy carry-size information on the 24 runes and their meanings, so that the wisdom of the runes can be carried with you at all times.
139 kr

Runor : runleken - Nordens tarot (tarotlek)

219 kr

Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards

A stunning package of 25 full-color cards and an accompanying book that combines the beauty of Russian lacquer box art with the fun of an age-old Russian gypsy method for anticipating the future and illuminating the present. The book has 50 line drawings.
329 kr

Sacred Path Cards (Booklet + 44 card deck)

This extraordinary tool for selfdiscovery draws on the strength and beauty of Native American spiritual tradition.
319 kr

Shaman's Path Message Cards

Shamanism is the most ancient healing modality in the world. The term itself originated from the Tungus people of Siberia and has been generally applied to mean someone who is able to soul travel into another dimension called non-ordinary reality.
229 kr

Tantric Dakini Oracle (Set Of 65 Cards & 224-Pp Book; Boxed)

The Tantric Dakini Oracle is a system of divination based on the authors' work in the Ranipur Jharial Temple of Orissa, India. The temple contains stone carvings of 64 Dakinis, ancient symbolic representations of the female principles of intuitive wisdom.
299 kr