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    Black Cats Tarot

    This Rider-Waite-based tarot celebrates and honors the beautiful and magical black cats. Cleverly incorporating feline characteristics and legend into traditional tarot archetypes, this fanciful deck captures these creatures moving between worlds of reality and fantasy, the mundane and mystical. Disarmingly cute yet unmistakably wise, the black cats encourage you to explore your own animal nature.
    189 kr

    Cat Tarot (bag)

    The most artistic way to protect your Tarot. Satin, printed 160x225 mm.
    79 kr

    Cat Wisdom Cards New Edition : 45 Cards to Brighten Your Day

    CAT WISDOM CARDS are a collection of photographs and kitten-inspired words of wisdom designed to offer daily guidance from the perspective of our feline friends. This fun and inspiring 45-card set will encourage you to reflect on your life and its challenges, reminding you to make time for relaxation and fun, to express yourself freely and to pursue your dreams.
    259 kr

    Cat's Eye Tarot

    Cats can teach us many things about how to make the best of almost any situation. Cats are pleasing to the eye, complex in their behaviors, and mysterious in their moods, providing a "purrfect" model …
    289 kr

    Cat's Eyes

    Keep a record of your tarot journeys and spiritual explorations in these luxurious journals, featuring high quality, blank paper and a ribbon bookmark.
    69 kr


    A world like ours, with its heroic, historical, tragic, immortal figures but… transfigured in their cat counterparts. Would you face the rage of Genghis Cat or be seduced by Catlin Monroe? Will you fall in love with Cyrano de Bergecat or discover new worlds with Christoper Catlumbus? 78 full colour cards and instruction booklet.
    199 kr 189 kr

    Marseille Cat Tarot

    The Tarot of Marseille has been rediscovered by modern tarot readers. In this cheerful tribute to the Marseille Tarot, the images have been redesigned and reconstructed with amusing cats, while retaining all the details of the traditional cards. This deck gives new energy to the cards of Marseille and will attract many people to one of Tarot's most important historical decks.
    189 kr

    Medieval Cat Tarot

    The glory of felines is celebrated with Renaissance flair! This ornate deck seeks to bridge the gap between past and present by blending classical and contemporary ideologies along with artistic styles. The result is an aristocratic deck with a humorous twist. Includes 48-page booklet of instructions.
    279 kr

    Mystical Cats Tarot (78-card deck & 312-page book)

    Anyone who has ever owned—or been owned by—a cat knows its wild and mystical nature. Open the door to a magical world of feline enchantment that offers eternal and ancient wisdom with the Mystical Cats Tarot.

    389 kr

    Tarot of the Cat People Deck

    A deck that combines science fiction and fantasy. A mystical rapport with cats is established in a distant place known as the "Outer Regions".
    279 kr

    Tarot of the pagan cats

    In these beautifully illustrated cards, the cats journey through the tarot and share their unique secrets with us. This deck contains 78 cards and instruction booklet.
    189 kr

    Tarot of White Cats

    This Tarot has nine lives, just like cats. Simple and fun, a little irreverent but still faithful to the traditional symbols.
    199 kr

    Tarotpåse: Black Cat (satäng)

    Three clever lives, two magic lives, one life of mystery and three more of wisdom. A black cat satin pouch to hold your precious decks. 160 mm x 230 mm
    150 kr

    Yoga Cats Deck & Book Set

    Yoga Cats Deck & Book Set features the delightful animal photography and clever digital craft of Dan Borris. The set includes 44 cards and a full color 96-page guidebook that explains the yoga poses and their benefits. Also provided are step-by-step instructions for practicing each yoga pose along with insightful messages.
    300 kr